grafik biomasse beschickungDoppelfeuer gasification power-plants can run on biomass, coal or residual wastes of fabric nature like sewage sluge from private households or fermentation residues form biogas plants.

grafik biomasse vergasungsreaktorThe Doppelfeuer Technology combines the advantages of updraft and downdraft gasification. With over 10,000 global deliveries the Doppelfeuer gasification is the technological benchmark in the industry.

Here you will find current special offers for new, refurbished or used A.H.T. gasification systems for energy production through thermo-chemical conversion. These special offers are unique opportunities for a purchase at a reduced price. Any of the offerings here are "as is" but you may seperately aquire additional componentes or engineering services to make this special offer fit your specific needs. For individual offers or to inqure about an offer made here, please feel free to contact us.

This systems is set up on a platform to be installed in any suitable building. It is set up for woodgas but will be adjusted should you have any other biomass feedstock. The system currently comes without engine/genset but we can add one upon request or assist you with any purchase. For further details please contact our sales people.

Energy from Biomass or Coal Gasification

A.H.T. Pyrogas is your competent partner in gasification technology. We offer a uniqe portfolio of special updraft and downdraft gasification systems plus our patented Doppelfeuer Technology which combines the advantages of both updraft gasification and downdraft gasification.

The product gas generated in the Doppelfeuer process has superior quality and cleanlyness. These have made the Doppelfeuer gasification the global benchmark among experts for several decades now.

The below, non-narrated video, shows you a 1 MWel gasification plant running on woodgas generated with the A.H.T. Doppelfeuer gasification technology. 




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