Updraft Gasification Reactors

A.H.T. Pyrogas Coal Gasification Reactors Product Range - graphicCoal has been the leading source of energy generation by mankind for many decades now. As a consequence this fossil offers a completely developed global supply network for lignite, black coal or brown coal. However without any doubt emissions from coal fired power-plants are a major cause of global warming and climate change. 

The gasification of coal in small decentralized power-stations is an affordable alternative to huge centralized power-plants which require huge and costly networks to distribute their electrical energy. Updraft gasification reactors from A.H.T. Pyrogas allow for an energetic efficiency of up to 90 percent due to their CHP layout. Their emissions of climate endangering gases are way below those of conventional coal-fired power-plants and health critical emissions of particulate matter are almost impossible to measure.

This makes A.H.T. updraft gasification reactors the ideal vehicle for a smooth transition from a fossil fuel based production of electrical and themal energy to one based on renewable energy sources. Indeed an updraft coal gasification plant from A.H.T. Pyrogas could be switched to work with biomass within a couple of weeks once the sustainable supply chain has been set up to replace the coal-supply.

The modular concept behing all A.H.T. Pyrogas systems also would allow to replace the updraft gasification reactors with Doppelfeuer reactors to allow for the maximum efficiency in feedstock use while offering the lowest emissions of greenhouse gases and no measurealbe emision of particulate matter in a tar-free process of energy prodution.