A.H.T. Pyrogas Vertriebs GmbH is determined to turn the Doppelfeuer Technology into the de-facto global standard in gasification concerning energetic efficiency, low feedstock consumption and emissions in all fields of application.


To achieve this we are looking for competent sales-partners, project developers. parts manufacturers and licencees, who will complement our international network working together with us to achive our goal.


We look for partners with experience in sales and distribution as well as project development and completion in the segment between 200kWel and 10MWel (20MWtherm respectively). Depending on your location we will also require partners to be willing and able to offer after-sale services and warehousing for current and future customers.


Apart from the determination to build a support and service organisation, licencees and production partners should have at least ten years of experience in systems engineering and project building in the field of energy production (either complete own systems or licensed production).


If a company with a long successful standing in other areas of systems engineering should be seriously interested to develop a new strategic business we would also be open to discuss cooperation agreements and opportunities for long-term development.