Doppelfeuer Benchmark Gasification Technology

A.H.T. Doppelfeuer Gasification Reactors Product Range - graphicThe Doppelfeuer technology was developed back in the 1920s in Germany by the Deutz AG in Cologne which also developed the Otto-engine, originally also a gas engine. The company back then already had more than 30 years of experience with gasification technology. Later named Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, the company turned global market-leader for gasification technology. It delivered over 10.000 plants worldwide for the gasification of biomasses, coal and various residues.

The Doppelfeuer technology does combine the advantages of both convenional updraft gasification and downdraft gasification while minimizing or doing away with their disadvantages. Namely the Doppelfeuer gasification process delivers a tar-free generator gas (producer gas) and has very low emissions of dust and particulate matter is below the level of measuring.

Following a management buy-out, A.H.T. Ingenieurbüro and A.H.T. Pyrogas Vertriebs GmbH continue the development and the distribution of this benchmark technology. The current generation - the seventh overall - offers a high level of automation along with the known strengths like low emissions and an excellent producer gas (generator gas).

A.H.T. Pyrogas has a modular concept for its line of Doppelfeuer gas generators. No matter what size you start with: You can add further sets of gas generators, linked with cleaning units, anytime. These sets can have one engine / genset each or can be linked to one or more engines centrally. Linking several systems of 1 MWel a Doppelfeuer power-plant can grow up to 10MWel in size.

Standard systems can be delivered in containerized versions (up to 250kWel) or on open platforms. Both solutions may be fitted into new or existing buildings depending on local laws. We ensure that all components are built according to the highest engineering standards. With our technology based on stric German laws we offer our customers the best opportunity to purchase a state-of-the-art solution to produce energy decentrally with low emissions and high efficiency.


In addition to fixed systems, we have mobile solutions on offer. These containerized systems can be enhanced according to customer needs. the standard solutions are though limited in size to 80kWel.




Output per single reactor

 0,1MWth - 2MWth

In parallel operation max.


Main area of application

 Biomass Gasification,
 especially woodgas

The following list-prices are for Doppelfeuer-Systems consisting of gas-generator, gas-treatment and genset (CHP) for the generation of electrical and thermal energy. For your specific price-indication please get in touch with us. 

 Mobile 40 - 80kWel

 € 4.200 - 4.800 per kWel

 Stationary 50 - 200kWel

 € 4.000 - 4.500 per kWel

 Stationary 250 - 750kWel

 € 3.500 - 4.000 per kWel

 Stationary > 1MWel

 € 3.000 - 3.500 per kWel

All these list-prices are non-binding and subject to change without prior notice. Prices given do not include any taxes or tariffs, are ex works (Germany) and do not include any costs for packaging, transportation, handling or forwarding.

Any binding offers can only be made after a full anlysis of the future feedstock to be used in a project and the completion of both the basic- and the detail-engineering phase, when all relevant parameters of the project have been established. The costs for on-site assebmbly and start-up will be chareged seperately according to working-hours consumed.

Special characteristics of the Doppelfeuer Gasification:

  • No measurable emission of particulate matter
  • High quality producer gas
  • Stable gasification process
  • Can also be used for coal gasification